Looking at Light

I don’t think I have told anything about the change in my focus on photography and architecture that happened last year. This blog is updated far too rarely to really have dedicated followers (except for the steady and dedicated 5 – thanks guys, love you tons). It’s so simple that it should be considered criminal that I – as an architect – haven’t noticed it before. I have for some time now noticed and looked at light in a very different way than I normally do. And in that way my photography, I believe, has made me a better architect, while my architecture schooling feeds my photography. It’s really fascinating! And so obvious…

Also my closest friends and family have known for years that I am kind of hysterical about colors (Yes, about colors, not in general) – and I have always had a very precise eye for them, being able to separate and match them very easily. Now it somehow all fits together, or as a friend said: “It makes sense on so many levels!” /N

Nina Marquardsen - Light

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