Artist statement

My projects are connected by the wish to shape everyday life – whenever possible. It is not the “special occasions” in life that interest me – the places we only visit once or twice in a life time. I am far more into the spaces we see and use daily.

I believe in the architect as a communicator of space for the people for whom we build. In this respect my architecture is not mere presentation of space – the pretty picture – but much rather an attempt to tell a story about the place and the life that this space is shaping. This is something I seek not only in my projects concerning the ritualized everyday life but also my work as a photographer.

Often my projects are situated in unfashionable places, the outskirts and the places some people tend to look down upon: Places where one often has to look for a long time to realize their charm. Like a desolated factory area in some inferior suburb. I am instantly attracted to color and light, it is what triggers  me as a photographer and gives me a sense of presence in the world.

Therefore my interests are more concerned with the underrated or “strong” – i.e. that which is traditionally underrated aesthetically seen. Places that are “strong” in this sense take time and effort to appreciate.