The Picture above is not one of my own – Copyright to Torben Eskerod:

Its been kind of quiet on the architecture side of things over the summer, but appearances can be deceptive, on the publication side it’s been very busy… here we go all projects copyright of Atelier Lise Juel. For more information go to

A+U_special issue_canlis

March – A+U Special Issue – CAN LIS Jørn Utzon’s house on Majorca

Arkitekten 03_Atelier Bow-wow

March  – Arkitekten 03 vol. 115 Presentation of “Atelier Bow-wow Learning from Utzon”

Arkitekten 05_can lis

May – Arkitekten 05 vol. 115 – Can Lis

Arkitekten 06_atelier bow-wow

June – Arkitekten 06 vol. 115 – Atelier Bow-Wow Learning from Utzon.





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