New Job

This summer lots of changes have happened. As I wrote long time ago I have been doing something like a sabbatical for the last 9 months. Mostly to write and finish old projects, but I have also worked long distance from here to Denmark on curating the exhibition “Atelier Bow-Wow learning from Utzon”. However, the time has come for a change, and I now work as an architect again! My new office is Jensen Architects in San Francisco. I have really missed having colleagues and even though I like completely deciding what to do and when, and find it quite fulfilling also, this change is very good in many ways – I am simply a more fun person to be around when intellectually stimulated during the day.

I will of course continue my endeavours in photography – I still can’t believe how important a decision it has been for me to start studying photography, and I am beginning to glimpse and grasp some of it – so to stop now would be a real pity.

Here is the new office:, photo © Jensen Architects.